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.Lone star mother-of-pearl necklace

.Lone star mother-of-pearl necklace


  • Regular price $525.00

Being a math enthusiast since childhood, Ariel Wong, designer and founder of AHWONG, are constantly inspired by geometric concepts such as lines and points.

This minimalist piece handcrafted with 18K solid gold, natural mother-of-pearl, and a white diamond will add a cool flair to your sleek formal outfits and elevate your everyday casual looks.

18K solid gold | Mother-of-pearl 12mm  | Diamond  0.005cts

est. arrival time: 4-5 weeks

est. arrival time: 4-5 weeks

meet the designer


“the basic concepts of points, lines and planes were the grounds of my imagination.”


Ariel Wong, the founder, and designer of AHWONG is intrigued by the interrelations of lines, facets, distance, and space. She transforms her inspirations into her minimalist and undaunted collections featuring natural black agates, iridescent mother-of-pearl and an array of gemstones and pearls.

7 Q&As

MOVIDA   What’s jewelry to you?

AW   Jewelries are the lifelong partners of women.

MOVIDA   Who is your favourite designer/ brand?

AW   I have always been touched by the Parisian brand OFÉE and its representations of the effortlessly chic French women using incomplex lines. I especially adore the WAVE collection designed by the chief editor in jewelry of L’OFFICIAL, Emily Minchella.

MOVIDA   What’s your favourite period’s style?

AW   I’m in love with the contemporary way of expression, minimalist and simple geometric presentations of lines and shapes.


MOVIDA   What are the inspirations of your designs?

AW   Everything in life. I have been a fan of math since childhood, and I am especially interested in geometry. The basic concepts of points, lines and planes were the grounds of my imagination. The inspirations then come from envisaging the geometric concepts that are connecting objects in life.


MOVIDA   What inspired your black agate collection?

AW   Things we see by eyes are limited by distance, so are the tools we use to measure distance. Assuming the world centres around one person, what this person sees is a round night sky and stars. The circle is the sky, black agate is the night sky, and diamond is the stars. 


MOVIDA   One type of jewelry you can’t live without?

AW   Rings, no doubt.


MOVIDA   Your thought on trends and style?

AW   Style is your attitude towards your life. We shouldn’t follow trends blindly ==but seek for the style you feel most comfortable in.


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