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Fall Apart and Restore

Fall Apart and Restore

Die Motte

  • Regular price $179.00

This ring set of 3 is an artistic expression of a vivid human face assembled with 3 separate parts of a face. Sculptured by hands in wax as three independent parts, the ring defines the capacity we all have restore from broken pieces.

We automatically choose the Eyes part but you can choose any of the 3 parts or choose a set of 3.

Rose gold and yellow gold are 18K gold plated sterling silver | Silver is 925 sterling silver


est. arrival time: 1-2 weeks

est. arrival time: 1-2 weeks

meet the designer


" we interlace two different personalities and decide to demonstrate the "Feminine" from our different sides and expressions of ourselves.

Thus, our jewelry is us. "


Die Motte is a project created by two jewelry artists,
Anel and Astrid based in Barcelona 
with degrees in Arts and Goldsmithing.

They melt, stretch, laminate, solder the precious metals
and perform their magic on them.
Eventually, they polish and charge with the love for jewelry and art 
and ship out your very own Die Motte handmade designs.

In this project we interlace two different personalities
and decide to demonstrate the "Feminine"
from our different sides and expressions of ourselves.
Thus, our jewelry is us.


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