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The grade of pearls varies with the origin of it, and there are mainly 4 types of pearls in the market - Akoya, freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea.

Akoya pearls have been grown off Japan’s coast for nearly a hundred years and they are known for its classic perfect round shapes and pure luster with slight rosy tint.

Freshwater pearls are the most affordable choices available and are best known for their baroque shapes and a range of pastel colours.

South Sea pearls are the finest and the largest saltwater pearls grown today. The common colours range from white to gold. Due to its tremendous shape, it is quite rare to find perfectly round South Sea pearls, while they usually come in drops, baroque and ovals. They are primarily grown in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Tahitian pearls are natural dark or black only found in French Polynesian and come in a variety of exotic colours. Similar to South Sea pearls, you will see Tahitian pearls in baroque, oval and drop shapes.


Pearl is the only gem that is not mined from the Earth but produced by living organisms. It is also the only gem that is beautiful just the way it is - uncut, unpolished. Being the oldest gem on earth, pearls have been admired and prized as early as 2300 BC when pearls were gifted as tributes to ancient China and Julius Caesar issued a law to limit wearings pearls to only royalties. With its iridescent lustre and wide variety of colour and shapes, pearls are deemed to be the best friends of almost all styles and outfits.


Pearls are the solution to your impromptu outfits. Let it be vintage, minimalist, classic or fancy, pearls won’t disappoint you.

Pearl is the official birthstone of June babies.

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