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Jade is the generic term for jadeite and nephrite, both are tough and mainly found in Myanmar and China. Jadeite has a mottled visual texture and wide variety of colours while nephrite’s colour is more opaque and muted. The character 玉, jade in Chinese, is one of the most ancient Chinese characters. Deemed as “the most beautiful gemstone” of all, Jade has an unparalleled status among Chinese since 8000 years ago.

As a fun fact, the ancient imperial court used nephrite wind chimes to perform as they ring musically when struck. Indigenous tribes of Mexico, Central and South America, and New Zealand carved it into deity masks and ritual artifacts.


With its velvety mottled texture and healing property, jade adds new layers to one’s lifestyle. The jadeites in all Thornbirds pieces are 100% genuine and imported from Myanmar and are embedded by hand onto the jewelry settings.


Jade is the official gemstone of the 12th anniversary.

Jade is one of the official birthstone of August babies. The other one is Peridot.

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