Sandalwood in jewelry? Being one of the world's most precious woods, sandalwood will keep surprising you.

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Sandalwood, being is the world's second most precious wood, is found mainly in Indian subcontinent, Australia, Indonesia and Hawaii. In western Australia, sandalwood are commonly grown to 15 years old for the desired fragrance.


Unlike other aromatic woods, sandalwood's fragrance retains for decades. The soothing scent originate from the wood itself rather than the leaves or flowers. Used as a meditation tool in Buddism since ancient times, the subtle aroma helps minds to unwind and promotes healing. However, this wonderful material is not widely used in wearable personal accessories yet.

Our Over The Clouds collection features genuine fragrant sandalwoods as centrepieces of jewelries, combining their raw texture and warm hue with the natural shine of precious metals.


Sandalwood jewelries are for the forward minds who love fusion pieces and enjoys meditation. All Over The Clouds items are great statement pieces for people who love nature's originality.

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