Tsavo national park in Tanzania where the stone tsavorite came from, means "follow me" in the local language.

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Tsavorite, first found in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, is a grossular species of the garnet family. This gemstone can now be found also in Tanzania and Madagascar. Tsavo means “follow me” in the local language and that’s exactly the message this irresistibly vibrant gemstone is conveying.


The emerald-like green in tsavorite is caused by trace amounts of chromium or vanadium in its chemical structure. Yet, tsavorites are much rarer than emeralds as they are commonly found with minimal inclusions and no breakages. Tsavorite is greatly loved mostly due to its exceptional ability to reflect light, its dazzling luster and its durability. Pairing tsavorites with diamonds activates the brilliance in them, and makes pieces featuring both unequivocally the best choices for any professional and evening wear. Collaborating with pearls, tsavorites become less sharp and more casual and vintage.


If you love a vibrant and eye-catching glint of colour in your style, you won’t be able to resist this gorgeous gemstone.

Garnet( the gemstone family tsavorite belongs to) is the official birthstone of January babies.

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