Alma, the word for soul in Spanish, arrives in a perfect harmony with this fiery gemstone, rubellite.

gem story


rubellite, a member of the colourful family of tourmaline was named after its vibrant color and its similarities to ruby.

tourmaline was first found in brazil by a spanish expeditionist francisco spinoza. for more than 300 years, green tourmalines have been confused with emeralds and the confusion was reflected in its name. “toramalli” meaning “mixed stones” in sinhalese ( a language of sri lanka ) was the first official name of this gemstone.

now mainly found in brazil, east africa, nigeria, mozambique, sri lanka and madagascar.


While other gemstones’ colour changes depending on the light source, rubellites shine as vibrantly in artificial light as they do in daylight.

The rubellites displaying seductive fiery pink/red colours are the most valuable forms of tourmaline and are rarer than rubies.

Rubellites are known for its feature to strengthen the ability to understand love, and promotes creativity in ways to put love out into the world.


Tourmaline is the official birthstone of October and Libra babies.

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