The Vimeria brand was envisioned in 2016 by founder and creative director, Anna Laskin. After taking a number of elective jewelry courses as part of her Industrial Design degree at OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design) she was completely captivated by the process of designing jewelry. The collection is based on a strong sense of design principles, where every piece follows geometric proportion and is endowed with a presence of unity and balance.

"Jewelry is a way to express your personality and communicate who you are. It can make you feel empowered and understood. I want to design affordable pieces that give their wearers this sense of confidence and enhance their sense of identity."

7 Q&As

MOVIDA   Your favourite artist? And why?

VIMERIA   Leigh Viner. She is an illustrator based out of Colorado, USA. I came across her work a few years back and was instantly captivated. Her work portrays women as three dimensional characters that tell a story with their eyes. The faces of her characters convey a deep sense of vulnerability that is contracted with an underlying strength that comes from overcoming the harshness and mess around them. They are not perfect, nor do they want to be. I am inspired by her ability to express so much with using so little.


MOVIDA   How did you end up doing what you do now?

VIMERIA   Creative work has always been very attractive to me, and after taking a few jewelry courses at OCAD University, I couldn't see myself doing anything else. Everything in the jewelry design process - from the initial idea sketches, to the precise 3D drawing, to seeing the final product - is what gets me going. It just seemed natural that I would start my own brand.


MOVIDA   How did the EXTRUDED collection emerge at first? What was the inspiration?

VIMERIA   I wanted my first collection to be as minimal as possible. I was working with the circle form, and manipulating it in three dimensional space. The extruded circle is a tube form that is the applied to each piece in the most appropriate manner for the item I was designing. Each item in the collection works right into the elements of the circle and it's extrusions. This way every piece in the collection stands  as strongly on its own as it does combined with other items.


MOVIDA   What's your favourite quote?

VIMERIA   “Tomorrow is another day” -Scarlett O’Hara


MOVIDA   What is your favourite film?

VIMERIA   Gone With the Wind. It's a love story, a war movie, and a tale of survival in times that were very different than our own, yet the internal battles that the characters go through are very applicable through the ages. The main character is the epitome of a very strong woman that ends up chasing what she cannot attain, and looks past what she has in front of her. As her character develops, and she becomes aware of her shortcomings, she doesn't dwell, and always has a plan to move forward. Hence the quote.



MOVIDA   Who is your muse?

VIMERIA   Victoria Beckham. The simplicity and elegance she lends to every item she produces is remarkable. There is a sense of effortless charm in everything that she does, and for me that’s truly captivating.


 MOVIDA   What are your top 3 travel destinations? Why?

VIMERIA   Paris- as cliché as it sounds, it's my favourite place to travel to. The city has a magical aura in the streets, and the people and architecture are so inspiring.

Melbourne- The amount of design boutiques coming out of the region is truly captivating. I want to feel the energy that inspires their style.

Santorini- The white stucco architecture contrasted by the blue waters and roofs is simply magical.