Véronique Roy


Véronique Roy designs and makes all her jewelry by hand in her workshop, located in Montreal. Her jewelry collections reflect her love for urban landscapes and architectures.

Focusing on the timeless quality and the elegant style, Véronique designs her pieces in sterling silver with a simple, elegant and graphic touch.

Graduate from the École de Joaillerie de Montréal, Véronique Roy is also an expert in graphic design. Her complementary studies provide her with greater perspective and tools to work in the jewelry profession. With jewelry, Véronique seamlessly combines her love for design and passion for creating every day objects.

In order to progressively elevate her works , Véronique Roy challenges the status quo by innovatively fusing distinct textures, shapes and materials in her jewelry pieces. This gave Vé designs the irreplaceably modern and minimal touch. 

7 Q&As



MOVIDA   What's jewelry to you?

Vé   Jewelry is the final touch, either to add a classy touch to your outfit, wear a wedding band, or a huge pair of hoop earrings to go out, or a nice designer contemporary piece of jewelry. Jewelry is always a personal way to express yourself.


MOVIDA   Where or how do you usually receive inspirations and ideas for your designs?

Vé   I usually have one good idea for a model and from there I work on making a whole collection in the same style, that’s usually the hard part.


MOVIDA   What is the one piece of jewelry you can't live without?

Vé   I always have a new piece of jewelry that I cannot live without. Heheh. But it’s always earrings! Now it’s a pair of earrings that would be in my next collection, in sterling silver with pink moonstones.




MOVIDA   What are your top 3 dream travel destinations? Why?

Vé   Spain, because I dream to visit Barcelona since forever and it just seemed to be so beautiful and charged with history, great architecture and nice and warm weather! Iceland, for the amazing landscape. Hawaii, I want to see the volcanoes!


MOVIDA   What does your perfect Saturday look like?

Vé   Waking up late, have a good coffee and a brunch, take the time to relax, to have a long walk outside and  if it’s sunny it’s even better!


MOVIDA   What do you love to do when you are not in your studio?

Vé   Walking around Montreal, biking, discovering new places in the city and restaurants!


MOVIDA   What’s the one talent you wish to have?

Vé   To learn new languages easily and be able to speak over five or more different ones.