The Green Jewels


The Green Jewels was started in late 2015 by Joyce T., a Singaporean who is passionate about crafting and enjoys staring at plants and flowers.

Unlike other materials in jewelry, plants are seldom made to be worn and showcased with human body. “With the desire to have nature with me all the time, I created terrarium jewelry with real plants”, Joyce explains the story behind her pieces. All the green jewels jewelries are designed and handmade by Joyce.

7 Q&As

MOVIDA   Where are you from?

TGJ   Singapore

MOVIDA   What are your favourite things in Singapore?

TGJ  Food! We are a multi-cultural country with lots of famous local food tourists travel all the way for. e.g: Laksa, Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Satay etc.

MOVIDA   What’s jewelry to you?

TGJ   Jewelry to me is not just to make a person look good. It is a creative medium to carry nature with them and it also makes me feel good wearing and looking at them.

MOVIDA   How did you end up doing what you do now?

TGJ   I was making terrarium for fun and posting on Instagram. Nothing really happened then. However, when I started posting mini terrariums as a keychain/necklace, someone messaged me and asked to buy it. That is how I found a market for terrarium jewelry. Nature lovers like this concept of nature close to them.


MOVIDA   Where do you receive inspirations for your designs?

TGJ  Not sure, they just appear out of nowhere! It could be that I enjoy admiring flowers, plants, little critters everywhere I go.


MOVIDA   Your go-to kareoke song(s)?


MOVIDA   If you are only keeping two pieces of jewelries forever what are they?

TGJ   I can’t live without moss earring and the huge terrarium flower ring. They catch many people’s attention