Li Jewels


We design jewelry with the intention that they are more than just jewelry. Li Jewels is jewelry design and also a vital philosophy expressed through fashion and beauty.

We dream that ... the time becomes slow ... the environment is respected and protected ... the female power celebrated.

Li Jewels is our local contribution to a global positive change, with a slow, eco-friendly and feminist jewelry.

We produce 100% in Barcelona. Here we also find our collaborators, whom we like to meet personally. Each piece is made by hand and the production process is respectful with the environment. We work on request, minimizing any waste and promote the repair of our parts.

In our vision of beauty, we defend the image of a strong woman, freed from stereotypes and sure of her own way of being.

We also like to break with the traditional concept of jewelry. We create elegant and feminine pieces with brass, glass or plastic, not normally associated with luxury. For us, the essence of the jewel is beauty and feminine expression and true luxury is in simple things like having time or a tree behind our window. We want attention to stop at what is important.


A chat with the designers

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