Inheriting the mission to pursue the most superior quality and craftsmanship in jewelry from her jeweller family, Vicky launched her own brand Liza by Liza House (LBLH) in 2014.

All of her collections are inspired by and named after her best friends, each with a distinct personality and life experience. LBLH is known for its charmingly elegant style and the use of exceptional materials.

7 Q&As


MOVIDA   What’s jewelry to you?

LBLH   Every piece is created with a spirit to tell the owner’s stories. It could be a memory or a commemoration, or even a token of strength and courage.

MOVIDA   Which period’s style is your favourite?

LBLH   1920-40.



MOVIDA   How did you end up doing what you do now?

LBLH  Growing up seeing my parents’ perseverance in making the finest jewelries with the best precious stones and impeccable craftsmanship, I’ve always wanted to have my own jewelry brand. Carrying on the same philosophy, I infused the designs with my own understandings and inspirations. I wanted my customers to feel happy and confident wearing my jewelries as they are all unique and beautiful in different ways.


MOVIDA   Who’s your favourite designer?

LBLH   Honestly, too many. if I can only choose one, I guess Alexander McQueen.


MOVIDA   What were the stories behind the “Maggie” and Apple” collections?

LBLH   Maggie is a very obstinate woman who has a quite dramatic life. The wilful side of her caused her a lot of hard times with family, relationships and career. Gladly, we have been always by her side and supporting her through the up-and-downs. The focus of the Maggie collection is pearls which symbolize legends shining in the dark. This collection is a wish from me. I wish her a bright and happy future. 

Apple, a sweet woman with a heart-melting smile, is pampered by her husband and family. Her simpatico personality makes her life full of joy and gratitude. She influenced me to create the collection Apple to share joy and love to every woman.


MOVIDA   Your thought on trends and style?

LBLH   Style to me should be timeless. I personally prefer clothing that’s effortless with specific attention​ to different body types and fittings. To me, things should be kept simple but edgy.


MOVIDA   What’s the one type of jewelry you can’t live without?

LBLH   Rings.