Joya Gems


Joya, the founder and designer of her namesake brand, is a believer in storytelling with designs that present distinct emotions and lifestyles.

Being a professional jewelry designer for almost 10 years, Joya specialises in creating wonders with a wide variety of natural gemstones. She loves the jewelry expressions of romance and vitality through nature's statements.

7 Q&As

MOVIDA  How do you interpret jewelry?

JOYA  To me, they are much more than just accessories and representations of wealth. It is a memento of romantic stories, an emergence of talents or just simple manifesto of styles. Jewelry combines the intelligence of nature and creativity of human. This makes every piece outstanding and irreplaceable.

MOVIDA  Which period’s style is your favourite?

JOYA  The early Victorian era's fashion was very distinctive. It inherited and re-defined the classic style by abandoning the rational and mechanical aesthetics in the past. It, in some respects, rebuilt people's definition of beauty.


MOVIDA  Who’s your favourite designer?

JOYA  Tiffany and its feature designer Jean Schlumberger. His whimsical designs are innovative and full of energy.


MOVIDA How did you end up doing what you do now?

JOYA  I think every designer wants to have an independent brand. I really just followed my heart.


MOVIDA What are the inspirations of your designs?

JOYA  Jean Schlumberger is one of the most significant influencers. The other one is Wallace Chan. He incorporated sculpture into jewelry miraculously. "The pursuit of a bigger jewel is infinite. So if it's impossible to obtain the largest gem, we should be focusing on the deeper meanings of jewelries. This is the responsibility of every designer." This quote of his has always been my inspiration.


MOVIDA  What were you thinking when you designed the gemstone collection?

JOYA  I want to tell stories and especially stories with colours and cultural connotations. What I ultimately want to achieve is to find a correspondence between vintage, minimalism and nature using the beautiful gifts from our Mother Nature.


MOVIDA  What is the one type of jewelry you can’t live without?

JOYA  Rings. The kind of ring you wear and the finger you wear it on, tells a lot about you.