Jing Yao Gao is the founder and creative director of J.Y. GAO. She considers the human body a moving landscape. Her designs rise and fall, sway and transform with you.

“My design process revolves around one question - how can I leverage the anatomy and kinetics of the body to create a design which transforms with it?”

She views each piece in its entirety with the body, diverging from the preconceived notions of form and wear in jewelry. Her designs invite people to participate in forming the end aesthetic, enabling many possibilities. She extends thinking in the process of wearing.

Her style is delicate yet bold, calculated yet artistic. Jing Yao strives to highlight the inherent courage and tenacity in people through their interactions with each piece.

7 Q&As


 MOVIDA   Where are you from?

J.Y.GAO   Harbin, the ice city of China

MOVIDA   Your favourite thing(s) in your hometown?

J.Y.GAO   I grew up in a winter wonderland, filled with ice sculptures and castles.

MOVIDA   What's jewelry to you?

J.Y.GAO   An outfit pick-me-up.



MOVIDA   What's your favourite quote?

J.Y.GAO   Fall 7 times, stand up 8.

MOVIDA   What are you reading right now?

J.Y.GAO   Originals by Adam Grant.

MOVIDA   Who's your style icon?

J.Y.GAO   Iris Apfel

MOVIDA   What do you love to do when you are not in your studio?

J.Y.GAO   Being in nature, being inspired by nature.