Anastassia Sel


Anastassia Sel Jewellery was founded by Anastassia Selezneva in 2015.

Raised in the southern part of Russia, Anastassia grew up in the prairies where the summers are hot and the winters are wild. Her family had a piece of land which provided their food for the year.

Always outside, she developed a love for the elements from which she now draws her inspiration from. Each design first takes form in her mind as wearable expressions and then is either fabricated by hand or wax cast to create one of a kind creation. Each piece is 100% handcrafted in Canada using precious and semi-precious materials both in raw and finished states.

Anastassia believes in the design philosophy that each piece should be made from scratch every time so that it can share an individual story, much like a person has their own story and journey.

7 Q&As

MOVIDA   How did you end up doing what you do now?

AS   Ever Since I could remember I was always a part of a creative circle. Whether it was painting, dancing ballet or playing the piano, my soul always craved artistic expression and a creative life. I didn’t get there right away. I tinkered in the world of finance but quickly learned that my passion lies elsewhere. One day, after working my 9-5 job, I was walking on Queen St. W, I walked into a jewelry supply store. I wasn’t sure why I did, but it was then and there that my thirst for knowledge in that medium, drove me to a different way of life. A life of colour. A life of no transparency. A life of sharing.


MOVIDA   Where do you usually receive inspirations for your designs?

AS   Inspiration is everywhere, from nature to urban landscapes. Having said that, I seek inspirations from feelings. The feeling of beauty, the feeling of nostalgia, the feeling of desire, the feeling of being desired. It’s never from one place and always conjured from the depth of the mind.


MOVIDA   Reasons why you named the collections “nostalgia” and “sentiment”?

AS   Every collection has always embodied a feeling.


MOVIDA   What’s your favourite quote?

AS   It’s hard to just pick one, but anything from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, will suffice. The following one stands out. “if people don’t like what you’re creating, just smile and tell them to create their own fucking art.” I get attached and have vested interest in all the pieces I create. I typically hate criticism and often feel those exact words in my head. 


MOVIDA   What are your reading now?

AS   How to win friends and influence people. This year’s goal is to meet new people and to take away one meaningful experience from each connection.


MOVIDA   What’s your favourite show or movie?

AS   I’m a Gilmore Girls junkie. I grew up on that show. It always brought me calmness at any stage of my life. I watched it as a 13-year-old, trying to understand dating. I watched it as a 21 trying to understand becoming an adult. I watch it now for comedic relief. It’s multi-faceted show that offered me so much guidance throughout the years. The characters have always been so relatable and have become a part of me in a way. I still use Loreilai’s line and relate to her very dry sense of humour and or sarcasm.


MOVIDA   The top 3 items on your bucket list?

AS   1. Live in another country. Now the dream place is New York City but at another point of my life, it was Spain. Maybe next year will be Peru? 2. Showcase my own collection at NYFW. I’ve done this under someone else’s name and feel that it would be that much more satisfying if it was under ANASTASSIA SEL. 3. Take risk. If I could take risk everyday, I won’t need a bucket list.