Who Run the World? GIRLS

Tarana Burke. Maha Dakhil. Michelle Kydd Lee. Hylda Queally.

Christy Haubegger. Shonda Rhimes. Reese Witherspoon. Linda Sarsour. Carmen Perez. Bob Bland. 

These are the names of the women (and man) who started the movements

that have been empowering women all over the world in 2017 and 2018.


We have these people to thank for beginning the #MeToo movement (Tarana Burke) in 2006

that was recently made mainstream on Twitter by Alyssia Milano to encourage women to stand together

and fight against sexual harassment and share their stories.


We have these people to thank for beginning the Time's Up movement (Maha Dakhil - Reese Witherspoon)

an initiative to fight against sexual harassment in all workforces.


We have these people to thank for co-chairing the Women's March (Linda Sarsour - Bob Bland)

to "advocate [for] legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women's rights, immigration reform,

healthcare reform, reproductive rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers rights." 




According to the Canadian Women's Foundation statistics from 2008 show that

women were 10 times more likely than men to be victims of sexual assault that had been reported to the police.

92% of reported sexual assault victims are women.


Statistics Canada has found that over the past 10 years sexual assault rates have remained the same. 

The outcomes of these various movements mostly run by women have raised immense awareness about sexual harassment

 and assault and have empowered women who have experienced harassment and assault to speak out and stand up. 




(image from Alyssia Milano's Twitter) 


These movements also aim to educate people on what is right and wrong,

what consent is, and that they no longer can get away with taking advantage of women. 



Here at MOVIDA these issues are important to us. 

We work with girl bosses and influencers around the world who run their own independent jewelry businesses

or blogs to support themselves by doing what they love. 



Fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer Sasha Mei wearing our Aria earrings.



Aney Mei of the fashion and lifestyle blog Allure of Simplicity wearing our classic gold hoop earrings.



Toronto based creator Tina Hu in our Amber ear hoops



This world of blogging and fashion is a space for women to create

and to communicate through their style and passion.

It is a space for women to make their own decisions.

We chose what we want to wear or create, where we want to source our materials from,

and who we want to work with. It is about our independence. 


Fashion Blogger Nicole Bautista wearing our Agatha silver earrings




Yuki Zhao, a style blogger and Founder and President of Toronto Snap

wearing the Agatha earrings in gold and the Sofi collar. 




We Are Living Art's  Kristina Pittam in our Yu An earrings

All the works we have seen so far are products of passion made by women for women. 



Coralie of Coralie's Closet  wearing Ziyana earrings

We stand together and we support each other. 

In our FIGURES feature on the blog, we talk about women we look up to each month.

The woman we are looking forward to featuring next week is Huda Alvi.

Huda is a lifestyle and social media influencer, mother of three, an entrepreneur who started her first business at 18 years old

and started her second business earning one million dollars in its first year. 



Her current venture, Workshops by Huda, is a venue for women to learn, communicate, and socialize with other women. 

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Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. 

Happy International Women's day. 


Written by Taryn Potasky 

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