MOVIDA | The true stories that gave birth to MOVIDA (II)

THE OTHER VERSION (true story too)
Yes, there are two versions of the same story. In fact, the story is not quite the same. They both turned me into the proud mama of MOVIDA but this one is slightly more on the realistic side.
Working as a part-time customer service at one of the biggest chain furniture companies is not a pleasing experience, especially when you are way underpaid for all the sht you get. 
So how does this loser story tie into MOVIDA's birth? It was May 24th, yes I marked the date down so I will not forget that specific feeling on that specific day, when I almost snapped. But haven't you always been an angry customer service anyway? (false, I am actually an excellent customer service!) That feeling arrived because I didn't enjoy my repetitive job, I didn't enjoy walking into a finite room and carrying out tasks that I have done 209 times already.
I told myself, I will not put myself into a repetitive loop of any sort again. To avoid repetitiveness and fear for foreseeable prospect, I decided to create something of my own, something I look forward to every morning.

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