RAW Art Show

On August 17 we had the pleasure of showcasing the creative work of our designers at the RAW Showcase in Toronto, or as the RAW website likes to call it, a night at the creative circus.  

RAW is an organization started by Heidi Luerra in Los Angeles, California. The mission is to connect artists whether they be musicians, hairstylist, filmmakers or designers and bring independent art to over 70 cities globally. 



RAW comes to Toronto twice a year and invited us to showcase a variety of our unique designers for the summer edition of their event. 



Seven of the designers we featured at our booth included: AHWONG (designs currently on sale with code AHWONG10), LBLH, ANASTASSIA SEL, J.Y.GAO, LUCIA ROSE, and, VIMERIA AND JOY GEMS. All of which create their designs with love and imagination. 

The event was not only a great way to introduce our brand to other artists but also allowed us to learn about other local talent and go home with great feedback to help us improve. 


Being at RAW was such a great experience and we look forward to more showcases (or creative circuses) in the future. 


Written by Taryn Potasky 

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