From Jakarta to New York City, Perola is a brand with deep roots. 



The brand centered around the rarest form of pearls was founded by Cindy Thio and her mother Rosa Zainal. 

Cindy and Rosa are both from Jakarta, Indonesia and have a strong passion for their native culture. After graduating from college Cindy found herself with a job in New York City but, needed a way to still connect with her mom and with her roots. 

Cindy always had a dream of starting a business with her mother and figured what better than to start designing jewelry together, something they both love. 

Perola, Portuguese for pearl features individually hand made pieces by local artists in Indonesia each featuring south sea pearls, the rarest and highest quality form of a pearl. 

The south sea pearl comes from Australia in its whitest form, and Indonesia or the Philippines in its most gold hued form. The pearl typically takes 2-4 years to develop and is unique for its large size (ranging from 8mm-20mm) as well as its luster. 

Of all the gems and materials available to design with, Cindy and Rosa decided on the pearl because it represent elegance and femininity. Rosa was drawn to the south sea pearl in particular because she is attracted to their imperfections. Only 10%-30% of south sea pearls are perfect spheres. 

As described on the Perola website, the pieces are designed for the modern day woman to express her personal style but also, to be passed from generation to generation. 

Perola is south sea elegance meets east coast sophistication, an ageless combination. 


Written by Taryn Potasky 

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