First envisioned in 2016, VIMERIA is a brand founded in Toronto that reveals the artistry in fine jewelry through exquisitely designed and handmade yet affordable gold pieces. 





You will most likely forget about occasions when you are in VIMERIA's designs as the pieces are characterized by clean and structured forms that are best partnered with all occasions every day. Coming from an industrial design background, the designer and founder, Anna Laskin, was drawn into jewelry design by its individualistic expression. As an extension of her artistic creativity, jewelry design is the perfect reason for her to unleash the passion to create pieces that not only fulfill her minimalistic aesthetic, but also with uncompromised utility.





Arguably our favourite piece from VIMERIA, the Bridget Choker still makes our heart flutter every time. The design was inspired by the renowned Op artist, Bridget Louise Riley. Connecting each bar with exquisite chains, this is the piece that you need for upping your neck game. When layered with your other favourite neck adornments or stood alone, this delicate piece is the unequivocal statement of your minimal elegance.






Styling your favourite VIMERIA pieces is effortless. By simply pulling off a plain open neck shirt or a blouse (we hear you office gals) with your favourite jeans or pants, you are ready to roll. You will never get bored by mix and matching your VIMERIA pieces with your wonderful collection of dresses. Let it be spaghetti straps, strapless, one shoulder, you name it. There's always a surprise when you see them together.






If you feel like ditching the rules, go layer the neck and wrist pieces on turtlenecks and long sleeves. You might receive discreet glances and whispers about your chic choice of style, but guess what, you will soon see them follow.





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