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Last Wednesday we launched a new designer brand from the heavenly island of Puerto Rico named ISA NOY. When we say from Puerto Rico, we mean everything, from its origin, inspirations, designs to it's artisanal artistry and craftsmanship. 

Its designs are tangible manifestations of the purest moments and objects that inspired ISA NOY's birth. Every piece is a fragment of a story by the Caribbean Sea. It instantly brings us to the island's rugged shores, undulant waters and the eternal cloudless skies. At least that's my experience and I think that's my interpretation of Isabel's quote "Live in your jewelry, not just wear it".

Isabel, the designer and founder of ISA NOY, was born and raised in the Caribbean. After studying architecture and fine arts, and working as an interior designer in the States, she heard her hometown calling. With the desire to interlace her stubborn passion for fine jewelry and the Caribbean-inspired design ideas, she decided to create something very special to herself and also to the world. ISA NOY was born in the salty breezes of Puerto Rico.



As ISA NOY's initial and signature collection, The Rock Collection expresses the seaside nature's creations in the most organic and contemporary way. 

The signature Single Rock Necklace is handcrafted with the finest grade silver and really is the piece to be worn with every outfit for your every day.

So are the Rock Rings, they are the perfect statement for your bold attitude and minimal aesthetics.


Though it's a hard decision, the Coco Chain Earrings are definitely our summertime favourites because they literally spark when paired with your beloved summer outfits and any simple casual style. 

For more ISA NOY's outfit ideas, click here.

"The feeling of ease" is in every piece of the collection, and that is the emotion Isabel originally wished to express through ISA NOY.

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  • Kristi

    Love her designs! How long are the coco chain earrings? As I wanted something that can reach my shoulder.

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