As you may have already noticed from our Instagram feed there's a new girl in town,

and her name is MORA.





We really like Mora.

She's unique, minimal, chic, and best of all

all of her pieces are listed at a great price point ranging from $43 to $77. 



The pieces found in Mora are all either plated with 14K gold 


are gold filled with solid gold. 

Both materials are of great quality and perfect for everyday wear however, 

as you may suspect from the filled pieces contain more gold.

Surprised aren't you? 



This difference accounts for the price difference in products. 

The durability and utility of jewelry that is gold filled is the same as 14K gold but for a much more affordable price. 


The Nica earring ( $59 ) is an example of a piece that is gold plated.



They are the next level hoops you've been wanting

as they will dance with your moves.





A piece from the collection that is gold filled

rather than gold plated

are the Gold Solo Orb Ear Studs ( $43 CAD ).






Lara Earrings ( $75 CAD )




These Lara earrings will be the secret weapon to chic up any outfit!





The ever so trendy but classic Mora got her style inspiration from celebrities and bloggers. 

Basically the who's who of fashion,

from Tracee Ellis Ross to Rihanna each wearing earrings packed with a punch. 








Going forward into 2018 it's all about the statement earring and unique necklaces,

which is exactly where Mora comes in.

She has arrived just as we're saying goodbye to 2017

and is here to give you your "new year new look" look. 

Here are some of my favourite pieces from our new collection, MORA styled into outfits: 




When I see the Noel earrings I think holiday right away. 

They almost look like a very chic Christmas tree ornament and so the outfit I styled around it is perfect for a work holiday party or a family Christmas party! 



The mirror earrings feel very vintage cool girl to me. 

So that is exactly how I styled them. 

I really like gold and warm colours for fall so I wanted the look I paired it with to scream FALL. 

The outfit and earring is timeless.

It could have easily been worn by Diane Keaton as Annie Hall in the 1977 movie Annie Hall with a flat shoe and a blazer thrown over top. 

The red boot provides a more modern feel and could be worn by anyone such as Kendall Jenner or blogger of Always Judging, Courtney Trop.




The glacier necklace is simple so I thought why not edge it up and throw some colour (but not too much colour) in there. 

This is an outfit I would definitely also throw a Brixton hat on top of to add to the downtown model off-duty vibe going on. 

I chose to use an emerald fur because not only am I very into the colour right now but also because it would reflect perfectly off of the pendant!   



Ahhh the Lara earring. 

I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in with styling this piece because no choice seemed obvious to me. 

Lara could be young and fun and be paired with a white T and boyfriend jeans with sneakers.

Lara could also be boho. 

Or Lara could be edgy. 

I went with sophisticated and a little be unexpected as there is so much other detail in this look. 



Mora's double trouble collar was something that would seem obvious to pair with a v-neck or low cut top. 

Since that seemed to be the obvious route I chose to go with a bit of a high neck sweater to show that the double trouble collar is more versatile than one may think. 

The whole vibe of the outfit is casual but polished which is the same as the minimal piece. It isn't too fussy but it makes itself known. 





The best part about MORA is that there are more pieces coming soon! The next batch will be here before the Black Friday craze hits!

Here are a few sneak peeks of what's coming next batch!




We are always scouring for cool and timeless designs. Stay tuned by subscribing or follow us on Insta!


Article and outfit styling by Taryn Potasky 

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