Meet J.Y. GAO

Originality and creativity are the two words that can be used to describe our newly launched designer, J.Y. Gao's thoughtful designs. Born in China, and living in Canada, Jing Yao Gao has always had an eye for art, design, and creativity. As a child she frequently watched arts and craft shows on TV and learned to paint with both acrylic and watercolor but when it came to going to university she went in another direction...

 After going to the University of Toronto to study commerce she started her career at the telecommunications company Bell Canada but, knew something in her life was missing. 

While working full time at Bell Canada she enrolled in the Fashion Your Future program at the Toronto Fashion Incubator and began working on jewelry designs of her own and is now an established designer in Toronto. 

The newest collection from J.Y. Gao titled Will and Way was inspired by the movements of the human body, which has always been a huge inspiration to J.Y., but also by feminism and the need for intersectional equality of women and a call to recognize all potential. 

While browsing through the Will and Way collection you will notice a major theme, triangles. The designers website states that "the triangles are to represent the will to act, and the armor-inspired arrangement symbolizing the way ahead." 

Not only are J.Y. Gao's designs meaningful but, they are also wearable, simple, and perfectly versatile.


From feminine, to edgy, to "trendy cool girl", J.Y.Gao's pieces are just right for everyone. 

Since finishing the Fashion Your Future program last June J.Y.Gao's pieces are sold in boutiques along the Vogue approve Queen Street West, as well as right here on our website. 


Written by Taryn Potasky 

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  • Claire

    Her works are stunningly contemporary! Definitely fun to play with!

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