Independent Businesses We Love That You Will Too

There are so many benefits from shopping from independent, small businesses.


It helps boost the local economy, and most of the time these small businesses provide more unique pieces from independent lesser known designers. 


A article, written by Lisa Wirthman, listed many ways in which shopping from small businesses is beneficial including; 


1. Creating more local jobs:  "Every $10 million of spending at a local business creates 57 jobs, whereas the same spending at Amazon creates 14 jobs". 


2. Enhances diversity: Products from local creators add more diversity in products to neighborhoods. More unique finds are available as shelves of small businesses are not stocked and saturated with products in national demand. 


3. Boost environmental sustainability: Businesses that are closer to home and walking distance reduce the use of cars and public transportation. Likewise, businesses that source products locally also reduce the emissions from transportation.


While we have you excited and feeling good about shopping independent and small businesses, here are some of our favourite independent brands from around the world:


Cadette Jewelry 


Jean earrings 


Cadette Jewelry is a Toronto based jewelry line founded by Allison Asis.


Asis started Cadette Jewelry after beginning her fashion blog in her early 20s but wanted to be able to create something that was tangible. 



Kamea earring 


Cadette is a timeless luxury line inspired by 20th century art. 



Morpha necklace 


Each piece is handmade from sterling silver and are "timeless yet whimsical ...(and) designed to be an extension of the wearer". 


Cadette Jewelry can be found at select boutiques and artisan markets throughout Toronto. 


Concrete Collective NYC 


 Deviation ear piece 


Concrete Collective NYC is a fine jewelry line based and handmade to order in New York City . 


Named after New York City the inspiration for the line includes New York's architecture, sculptures, curves, femininity, and neutral tones.   


The collection embodies "the sophistication of simplicity". 


Looped Louise bangle 


All materials used by Concrete Collective NYC are ethically sourced, conflict free, and use fair trade gold. 




Double Breasted Jacket 



LFM is a creative studio with a special attention to women's wear founded in 2013 by Jiae Kim. 


LFM offers a curated range of  women's wear as they are open to collaboration and experimentation. 


Ecru Cotton Overcoat 


Each item is unique, handmade, and one of a kind. 


Tapered Trouser 


Lili Radu 


 Box Bag "V" 


Lili Radu is a German brand known for its fine leather accessories made of calfskin and stingray leather. 


 Spring/Summer '17 


Lili Radu bags are best known for their various colours, patters, and geometric shapes. 


Spring/Summer '17 


Lili Radu was the first German designer to have an exclusive collection for Apple. 


Her designs have been seen on celebrities such as Olivia Wilde. 


Louve Montreal 





Louve Montreal is an independent jewelry line based in Montreal. 


Pieces are designed and handmade by Virginie Turcot-Lamarre. 




The collection is inspired by the natural warmth of wood and leather. 


Each piece is made of salvaged materials and woods from the trees of Quebec's forests. 




Louve Montreal stands out because of its audacity and character. 




Orecchiette Earrings


Shayba Muhammad, the designer and founder of Mahnal studied design at the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Mahnal in based in St. Louis with the intention of the jewelry accenting the natural elegance of women. 


Paddle Bangles 


Mahnal is inspired by meditative places such as; the silhouettes of nature, repetition of lines in architecture, and how light plays against texture. 


Petite Crater Ring 


The goal of Mahnal is for the wearers to feel as positive, confident, and inspired as Shayba does when she is creating the pieces.


Mireia Fuste 


Choker with glass flap


Beginning in 2011 in Barcelona  Mireia Fuste has been a handmade contemporary jewelry line that transforms the personality of the wearer. 


Each piece is made 100% locally and of high quality organic and industrial materials. 


Geometric earrings with maxi sphere 


"The jewelry stands as the most courageous and complicit version of yourself to enhance what makes you unique". 



Asymmetric Earrings 


Mireia Fuste's motto is "woman is the jewel". 


Mixed Business LA 


LOQ Alma 


Mixed Business LA is a women's wear line of simple everyday basics based in Silverlake, California. 


Town Clothes Rosa Dress 


Mixed Business LA's products consist of a range of items from their in house line 'OR', select vintage clothing, and other contemporary brands. 


U Vase 


Mixed Business LA uses clean, simple construction, and natural materials. 


Written by Taryn Potasky 




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