Die Motte

"I personally see Die Motte as a very genuine, artistic and subjective expression of their (Anel & Astrid)

 emotions and feelings.

That's the message we receive from this brand, is to be real to yourself.

Their designs are simple yet very very powerful because each one of them resonates."


- MOVIDA Founder, Cynthia 




Anel Rinat, and Astrid Schweitzer, the founders of Die Motte resides in Barcelona, Spain,

in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by mountains,

and sun shining on the many plant shops, growing fruit, work spaces, and the sea. 



Nothing in particular sparked an inspiration in them to begin designing jewelry. 

Being a jewelry designer is something that came naturally. 


This would not be a surprise to anyone who knew Anel and Astrid growing up

as their hobbies consisted of drawing, spending time in nature, and sculpting.



When starting Die Motte,

the intention the two had was to share their ideas. 


With their background in art and studying the human body,

the two tossed around designs relating to minimalism and body shapes and 


out came Die Motte. 




The three words Die Motte's creators use to describe their pieces are:

feminine, energy, and art.



Growing up in a multicultural environment has made Anel and Astrid open minded individuals

and has acted as a big inspiration when it comes to designing. 


Though every Die Motte's piece is an artistic expression, it is created to be worn everyday.


 Crying silver earring $132 

Handmade to order by Die Motte in Barcelona, your piece(s) will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Rose gold and yellow gold are 18K gold plated sterling silver | Silver is 925 sterling silver


 Express your face earring $81

Rose gold and yellow gold are 18K gold plated sterling silver.

Silver is 925 sterling silver.


Face it ring $132 

This ring is adjustable to up to 2 sizes. If you are unsure about your size, go for smaller. It will adapt without deformations.

Rose gold and yellow gold are 18K gold plated sterling silver | Silver is 925 sterling silver



Q&A with Astrid & Anel



MOVIDA   Who is your favourite artist? Why? 

Marina Abramovich, she has lots of power and energy to share, and a unique form of understanding life.



MOVIDA   What is jewelry to you? 

A way to express your feelings or change your image depending on the state of your ego.



MOVIDA   What are you reading right now? 

‘Psicologia de la posible evolución del hombre’ P.D. Ouspensky.



MOVIDA   If you could wake up tomorrow in the someone else's body who would you be? What would you do? 

Into an Australian aboriginal, learn about them.



MOVIDA   What is your favourite show or movie? 

I can’t decide, but i lately i’m kind of obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show.



MOVIDA   What are your go to karaoke song(s)? 

Anything 2000s pop music, like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, reminds me of my childhood.



MOVIDA   Who is your style icon/muse? 

Edie Sedgewick 



MOVIDA   Do you have someone you go to for advice? What is the best advice he or she has ever given you? 

One of my best friends, Itzel; to believe in my own creative energy




MOVIDA   If you had to keep only two pieces of jewelry forever what would they be? 

My hoops and face earrings. 



MOVIDA   What do you do when you're not in your studio? 

Cycle, meet friends, cooking, chilling at home, etc. 




Article written by Taryn Potasky 

Interview conducted by Cynthia Zhou 

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