[BELOVED] What we've been eyeing - March Edition

This month we've found ourselves particularly drawn to minimalist clothing and

shoes that we wish we could wear every day,

lots of green interiors as spring is OFFICIALLY HERE!

And lastly, ultra stylish and interesting Instagram accounts which we will later in this article going to share with you. 

Who doesn't love finding someone new to stalk?! 


For us right now, the key is greenery. 


The more greenery there is the better. 



Liven up any white space with a scattering of plants. 






Plants are a perfect touch literally anywhere! Note the plant on top of the bar stool...sitting on the window ledge. 



Too much? 


No such thing. 




There's just something about having hanging plants in the shower. 




The first brand we want to introduce is A.W.A.K.E UK (All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm). 


Founded by Natalia Alaverdian in 2012, the brand's designs take on classic shirting, tailored coats, and dresses. 


Each of Natalia's designs references an animal, a character in history, film, or art. 




The garment of these designs are able to shine in its designs


There are no crazy designs to take away from the original beauty of the colours,

textures, layers, or the garments interaction with the human body. 



So basically we want to wear Natalia's designs on a daily basis. 



This all-white look is my personal favourite. 




This next brand is one we are super excited about. 


The Mama Kin is a Hungary based jewelry designer. 


She designs with the desire for women to be able to wear her pieces with the most casual outfits to a little black cocktail dress. 



You can probably understand our excitement from just the versatility of her designs alone.




But what's the real reason why we are SO excited about this brand you ask? 


Well because The Mama Kin will be sold at MOVIDA very soon. 



Next on our list is Qari Qari.



Qari Qari is a Russian based jewelry designer and 


we just cannot get enough. 



You may have already heard of this shoe designer 


Dear Frances takes basic styles and adds new flavors. 




Satin slides with pearls? 


Yes, please. 



Even though it is still a tad bit too early for thinking of Summer shoes,


we just cannot get enough of these St Agni woven loafers.






We are currently very much obsessed with the super stylish Italian creative director @Gioiagiustino 



We will soon be collaborating with her


stay tuned! 


Always supplying us with tons of outfit inspiration is at @audreyrivet 



We sincerely appreciate @mariavannguyen 's  eye for all things artistic 



Always taking a look from above 





If you share the same love as us for minimally designed interiors 


then you really want to follow @myparadissi 



@lesliezhang1992 captures bold portraits that suck you in 


and keep you in. 



If you have any suggestions regarding who/what should be featured on our next BELOVED series pleases leave a comment.


We'd love to know! 


Written by Taryn Potasky 






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