BELOVED - our new monthly feature of a compilation of the things we love and hope you will too.

BELOVED includes our favorite fashion, people, pages, and designs.

We are so excited to show you all the things we have been eyeing this month so, without further ado, our beloved:



The Chloe Spring/Summer 2015 accessories collection. 


It's a few years old but we're still into it. 


Speaking of old... we're feeling the 50s vibes.

Who wouldn't want to rock those sunnies? 


Yohji Yamamoto vintage oval frames 

Firmly believe in the small cat eye frames + beret combination 

Winter Whites



Moon me. 


Cuffing season


The Lunar pendant from Cyril Studio Jewelry 

Tortoiseshell earrings

Comfy neutrals

This vintage oatmeal blouse feels so 90s Julia Roberts 

This just in: hair accessories are back! 


We could not be any more excited.


We want to be right where she is. 









An art, fashion, and style Instagram. A couple's Journal. 

"Be bold, be free, be whatever". 



Fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger Sasha Mei who we are super excited to be working with very soon! 





This lounge chair designed by Alvar Aalto in 1932 



Henri Laurens, Head of a Girl, 1920 



Sophie Cook home 





These are many of the things that have caught our eye this month.

What were your favourites? 

What has gotten you excited this month?! 


Written by Taryn Potasky 

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