MOVIDA | 15 Instagram accounts that inspire MOVIDA daily

Instagram has evolved from recording every day life with photos to a panel where you can compose who you are with visuals-- it's more like a self mood board. With a stubborn love for the minimalistic and whimsical aesthetics, we have found our daily inspirations from these Instagram pages. P.S. I once thought maybe I could categorize them into sections like style or interior, but really, they are not limited to just one side of life. They are life. 
Oh, one last thing, this blog is not sponsored, just want to share the things we like.





Coming across Alicia's page on Instagram is a real break. Social media now, to people, feels more like going to war rather than relaxing and discovering. By exploring human body, simplistic objects, sceneries, and maybe all these combined, I escaped bustling social media with @aliciapeiro.







The Instagram of Ane Christensen Metalwork, a metalwork studio based in London, is our daily dose of abstract geometric reverie. 









Travel the world, but not only the world, with @cerealmag. It makes the world so good that you don't want to travel anymore. @cerealmag gives us an eye-washing session everyday with its minimalistic photography of hidden destinations, designs and interiors. We often retrieve inspirations from the short reads found on Cereal's website.








Hosted by the creative director of CLO STUDIO, this Instagram page remains to be a mood board of reposts from a wide array of influential and undiscovered visual sources. With a clear hint of love for vintage,  @c_l_o essentially represents the Instagram I initially signed up for.









A boutique in Barcelona that focuses on sustainability and originality of style. Their page features glimpses of their boutique, the things they love and their people, who all seem so carefree and styled with a tinge of retro.






Versatile and non-conforming, interior designer Julia Haney Montañez turns her Instagram account into a room of captivating shapes, lines, objects and static art.


The most powerful thing is also the thing we often ignore - realness. Perceived as vulnerable, realness is frequently hidden especially in this overexposed time, but @mignonettetakespictures is about the trivial softness in life.





You will keep scrolling down on @monica.thi's page if you are a pink/rose lover. Showing peeks of her life as a film producer and the creative director of Mimp magazine, her Instagram is an excerpt of life of indie art creatives of Toronto.






It's a therapy. Photography can be a static piece of paper or a square of pixels, but evokes so much emotions. David Mirete, a photographer based out of Spain, is an outright therapist for those who are in need of clean and imaginative palettes and lines.








You may have realized that none of the mentioned pages are bloggers or fashionistas, though today's Instagram and social media have been taken over by them. Maybe it's the plasticity and the easiness to be forgotten about fashion that we are trying to avoid. Yet, @oraclefox, the art director of Oracle Fox, does not conform to the arbitrary definition that we tempted to give. Style is over fashion, and style is all about pleasing your own eyes.





Truthfulness to oneself is best manifested in what's attached to one's body. Everything from @pamelawool is so intimate and individualistic that allows the self-loving vibe to cut through the screen.



We are getting more style-intensive here with @reikowardrobe. Every piece shared on this page has a common feature --simple and real. Real to one's eyes, skin and heart. 








@sickymag conjures fervour by being on the absolute side of matters. As middling will never push the bar up for the appreciation of style and aspects of fashion. It is also challenging the stereotypical aesthetics and mindsets on human's presence especially women's. Sometimes, minds need to be blown before inspirations can take place.




"blurring the line between edge and elegance" says it all. This page is our daily source of "fresh up your mind with fine details" vibe. 



Recording life can be easy but recording life yet look stunning.. hummm.. Without the glamour and facial highlights we see in most fashion blogs, @s.jin_ is more like a friend around us with an unparalleled taste. This is the styling book for the minimalists.
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